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All steel (1095) Push Daggers. Collectors take a look.


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Hi All,


Two all steel punch knives up for sale today. Made from Aldo’s 3/16ths 1095 to a Rockwell
hardness of 60. The one with the curved blade is 4 inches long the one that
looks like an arrowhead is 3.5 inches long. Both are hollow ground and hair
popping sharp. I have made a number of these over the past year and the sell as
fast as I can make them. They are easy to conceal and easy to use, very
intuitive. So if you like this type of punch knife jump on one they likely won’t
last long.

Price including a Kydex neck sheath is $45.00 each shipped
to the lower 48.












Thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome, Ken

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