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And the KITHs winners are: !

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Kip asked me to do the drawing, as I did not enter, have not been following the topic, and have not even looked at the names or the knives and can thus be impartial.


So, I numbered 14 pennies and put them in an actual hat and drew them while blindfolded.


Without further ado, then, here is the way the knives will be distributed:


John Page gets Petr Florianek's.


Petr gets Nate Runals.


Nate gets Zeb Deming.


Zeb gets Kevin Hopkins.


Kevin gets Luke Sorensen.


Luke gets Rob Toneguzzo.


Rob gets Fred Crislip.


Fred gets Jai Mather.


Jai gets Troy Allen Christianson.


Troy gets Kip Kaiser.


Kip gets Dylan Holderman.


Dylan gets George Ezell.


George gets Hloh.


Hloh gets John Page.



Hope everyone is happy with their KITH, and maybe next year I'll have time to enter as well.

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Sweet works for me pm me and i'll do the same.

Thanks to all who participated ! Lets do it again soon ! :)


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Very nice! This was indeed very fun, and I'm glad I finished this time ;)

I'll certainly be doing his again!



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