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JJ Simon

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Gentlemen, I was very fortunate to get a steal on this press online.

After many challenges including the fact that the loading dock had no ramp and no way to get it on the ground and that once it was on a trailer and in my yard it, the trailer, got stuck in the mud.

It is now in my workshop.

Its not placed yet but it sits sheltered and loved.

I have some tooling questions for those in the know.

I have looked at a few of these presses that Kerry owns and none of the tool holders are like this one.

I can't imagine a tool with a shaft that fits through the hole and then is wide enough to be held by the diamond of the shoe.

Am I missing a part?

Should I just make a quick change tool plate that bolts to the holes in the corner of the ram? (Pictured)

Thanks for the help in advance.



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Cool, JJ. Nice find!

You can make a universal tool holder that fits in the way the shoe does now. I would make one with a central hole that would accept easy to change shaft tools. It should have a threaded hole for a lock screw to hold each tool.

Happy squeezing!

Enjoy life!

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