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Artis Aboltins

Valsgarde 8 ringhilt sword WIP

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As a part of creation of replica of entire set of equipment from Valsgarde 8 burial in Uppland, Sweden, I am currently working on the sword. Blade is a somewhat reworked "moat sale" blade from Albion swords, that, I believe, started it's life as a roman spatha blade but was deemed imperfect for some reason. Many thanks to Peter Johnsson for advice about reworking the profile so it would be apropriate for a Vendel period sword - the advice prooved to be invalluable.


garniture 01.jpg This is how it looks so far - pommel cap and ring waxes done, work on waxes for the handle part is underway, work on the blade continues...


ring pommel 01.jpg


Closer look on the pommel and the source material...


ring pommel 02.jpg


another angle of the pommel and rings.

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I had to come back. I've been thinking about this all day as I've been experimenting with my own lost wax casting. I just got an excellent paper on on ring hilts as well as the book on English Anglo Saxon swords... and it occurred to me that this style of hilt would be a perfect little project to help improve my own carving. Especially since these hilts were so richly carved (chip carved I read?) and the motif is already established within the scale of the work.


Anyway.. can't wait to see how you progress.


Can you explain your casting technique along the way?

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I've always liked the ring hilt swords. I am excited to see how it turns out!

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A small update - finished the work on the waxes for the hilt decorations.

hilt 01.jpg Waxes on the hilt mock-up (that might yet turn into the hilt proper, who knows...)


hilt decoration.jpg

Closer look on one of the parts.

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