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Pattern Welded Viking sword Type H

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looking good . the petals in the pattern remind me of something.......hmmmmn ah yes..... ahem.

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Hahahah. Thanks guys!

Yes Owen this is a Shieldmaiden's sword so I thought the pattern would be appropriate :) actually it didnt even occur to me until you mentioned it!

Petr, yep the finishing stuff bug finally bit me. I think I was inspired by watching you and Owen work.

Thanks Jake, I really am liking the blackened finish too, it came out better than I expected, I will definitely be doing more.

So, Materials: core is 7 layers of W1 and 8670m, and the cutting edge is just a single bar of W1. Hilt fittings are wroughten Irony.

When will you be at the shop next Niels?

Edited by Nathan Smith
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nice work. I am impressed. how did you blacken the fittings?


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