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By way of introduction, my name is Chris Davis, owner and craftsman of Davis Leatherworks in Walton, WV, USA. I'm Hoys Forge's son-in-law (yes, the one he made the leather skiving knife for who "never posted it on his shop"), and while I have some interest in forging (although my life has been threatened by my father-in-law should I ever even consider taking it up as another hobby), I love just looking at other craftsmen's work. Also, I'm the one with the camera, so when Hoys Forge wants pictures uploaded either I or my wife take them and edit them...


Nine months or so ago, I bought a Case XX Sod Buster Jr. (the SS one, unfortunately) and I hated the scales... They were that plastic urethane material, and the knife just felt cheap... So, with much pleading (although he did tell me it was a bit of a waste to put any money/effort into it) I got my father-in-law to agree to put some new scales on it for me. I bought a couple of Padauk wood (don't ask me why, I just liked how it looked) scales and after an hour or so had a completely different looking knife. Attached are some photos of the process and the finished product...


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Thanks Chris! I didn't know you had done pics on that job. Im still not getting you an Anvil! <_<

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