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Jared Stier

Sgian dubh

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This is for a wedding knife for a gent.


I had thick steel to start off with so the first weld pass was four layers of 1075 and l6.

Then i did a 5 cut and fold to make it 20 layers.



Then after that welded, I did a four cut and got it to 80 layers.



after this I drew it out




and the forged the blade



I will be making the waxes next for the spacer and the buttcap. The handle wood will be mahogany

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keep at it, if you used a hydraulic press, ok, but if you did that by hand then i respect you for forgoing tools used by most so called "blacksmiths" that don't actually do any of the work by hand. once you get to the polishing process you're done blacksmithing and on to whitesmithing. good luck and i hope to see more.

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