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A modern take on an Ulu


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Hi All,


Today something very different, I got some of Aldo’s 1095 in
3.5 inch width. What to do with it? Obvious answer, after a lot of thinking,
make an Ulu. What’s an Ulu you say? It’s a traditional Inuit knife used for
fleshing out a seal or in the warmer climate chopping vegetables or any thing
else for that matter. So this is my modern take on a traditional knife.


The Particulars:


Steel: 3/16ths 1095
to a hardness of 58-59

Length of cutting edge:
5.25 inches, slightly convex at the base sharp around the corners to
about 1 1/8 inch high on the sides.

Grind is hollow on a 10-inch wheel, very sharp.

Height from the base of the edge to the top of the handle is
3.25 inches

Handle material is Corian with 4 1/8 inch brass pins

Finish: Mirror

Weight is 11.5 oz

Price shipped to the lower 48 including shipping is $145.00
if you want a Kydex belt sheath for it add another $15.00. It will sit blade
down in the sheath.










Thanks for looking, Ken

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