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New home built forge question

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Ok, so I just completed building a 2 burner forge. The burner design I chose was out of Michael Porter's book "Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kilns". I am heating the forge with 2 of the 3/4" burners and I had the opportunity to run it in and cure the ITC 100 for the first time today. During the final cure of the ITC I had to run the pressure up to around 20 PSI to get to a yellow heat and noticed my 5 gallon tank starting to ice up and my pressure starting to drop. I am running .030 mig tips currently and have .035's on hand to try.


My question to those familar with these burners, how do I avoid this? I am thinking that the larger tips will only make the problem worse, do I need a larger tank? Is there a way to run 2 burners on a 5 gallon tank? I had planned on buying a larger tank but not quite so soon. Any advice would be appreciated.




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Your going to ice a single tank on 2 burners. I run a manifold to use 2 tanks and even then if I run too hard for too long I'll ice up the 5 gallons, but not my 7s.

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A larger tank will solve the problem, it is just the standard problem with the BBQ tanks. You can try putting the tank in a tub of water, this will draw away some of the cold (and it gives you a handy cooler for, ah.......beverages :lol: .). You can also gang up several BBQ tanks, drawing less from each of them. The longer term answer is a bigger tank. I have never frozen one of my 20 gallon tanks.



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