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Oldstyle-bowie ´FAT HOOK II´

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hi all,,

this oldstyle-bowie was built for my next show in solingen 4./5. may.

W1 forged
hardened with hamon
wrought iron and bronze
total 36cm/~16 inch
blade 24cm/~10 inch
thickness 6,0-2,5mm
leathersheath with carved frog

thanks for looking!












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It looks almost organic - everything flows together beautifully and looks like it grew together, - love it!

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thank you all for taking time to post!

I`m glad you like my knife.



the bronze-part isn´t cast- it is ´carved´ out of a massive piece of bronze, the surface is done with a dremel.



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Great job Mr.Wieland--Lots of tedious time spent here. Great finish to the job.


P.S. I have not been to the forum for quite a while. Now it is going to take a bit of time to catch up.

Thanks for showing the good work in all the pieces.


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I keep coming back to look at this one, I always look forward to your posts. This one is just breath taking.


Best regards



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  • 3 weeks later...

3 weeks know every single day i Look at this outstanding knife!!!

Keep coming over and over again,just to see it another one time....


My first post here for this dream knife was "Stunning"


Today i have to say i am speechless


Congrats sir....I put a photo of this as my wallpaper if you don;t mind....

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I always love your work. I find it very inspiring. good luck at the show.


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