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A customer had seen a larger dirk that I had done recently and requested something a bit smaller...more in the 10 inch range. He was kind enough to give me full artistic license and I came up with this smaller dirk. The overall length is 10 inches so just in between a sgian dubh and a dirk. The guard is nickel silver, the blade is forged 1084, and the wood for the sheath and handle are curly maple. I wasn't able to photo graph it quite right and it kept coming up more reddish. Another thing is that I was in such a rush to snap the photos before I ran home that I forgot to slide the knife all the way into the sheath (my blonde moment of the day) but the knife fits into the sheath with a nice "click". The sadder thing is that I didn't notice until I was looking at the pictures on my computer...

In any case here is the knife that I have dubbed Bumblebee for obvious reasons. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome.



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that's great! How did you stain the wood? It looks good. I am looking for something to use besides aqua fortis (it dissolves wood glue!).

nice work.


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