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Couple of Leukus and a little scandi knife

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Few months before i've forged these Leukus and a little scandi knife for me and my friend Alkis...

Blades are from roller bearings


th_159508606_PC217827_122_384lo.JPG th_159040507_PC217823_122_849lo.JPG





and the Pair of Leuku-scandi




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Accacia how is that? To work with? I have always wanted to use it because of its use in

the ark of the covenant.

I really like them.



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please excuse me the late answer,here in Greece we have the Orthodox Easter and we are..you know..


I think that the accacia that we found here in Greece is a little bit different than the trees in other countries


Anyway,this accacia is a very good tree,strong enough,not so easy to work with,but occasionly had very interesting

grain depends on specific parts of the tree .To me i see no defference working with accacia as oak.


Hope this help,

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