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Buying a Heat treating oven, need some input.

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Hi All,

Thinking of getting an oven. These are the three I am looking at.

This one http://usaknifemaker.com/kinfedogs-oven.html

Vs this one http://usaknifemaker.com/heat-treat-...trol-240v.html

vs this one http://usaknifemaker.com/heat-treat-...tal-12key.html

Price is not to much of an issue between them. Seems the top one can do what I need it to do. Nice to have the oven do everything by itself. Seems like an alarm clock and a binder with times and temps will work as well.

Chime in please Do I really need a oven that I can connect to my computer. I'm Just saying.

Thanks, Ken

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I think you are on the right track. If the size of the chamber is adequate, then the inexpensive one will work fine. Features are all similar except controller. Notebook and a clock will work fine, but require slightly more attentions from you. You could replace the infinite switch with a controller fairly simply, if you understand electricity and how they work. Good controllers can be had for not a lot of money.

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Time to start asking yourself some questions about what type of steels you wish to use and the size of blades you want to make.


The first two will give you more control over ramp up and ramp down temperatures allowing you to heat treat stainless and other high alloy steels. They will also allow you to anneal the same, high alloy, steels. Especially the first one as it is rated to a higher temperature and has the option (costs more) of adding a hookup to flood the chamber with an inert gas. The first one also comes with a kill switch to shut off power to the coils when the door is opened, it is an option (costs more) on the second one. The kill switch eliminates the possiblility of accidentaly electrocuting yourself if you happen to brush an live heating element. The third one is a bare bones unit that could be used, as is, for simple steels. Like Howard mentioned you could wire a controller to this kiln later if you felt the need. This third one is also rated to a lower temperature than the first and does not have a kill switch for the door or even the option of one.



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