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Here is another commission, this time for a Roman Brazier or, Craticula. This is based off of a find from Roman Pompeii and is thought to have been a brazier used by street vendors who wished to setup wherever there was a crowd. This one has had some of the original dimensions and details of construction changed from the original. It is somewhat larger and the rings are sized to the owners cast-iron pots. Not to mention, the addition of removable legs so that it can be used without having to set it upon a table or the ground. The original used closer to 3/8" round for the grill and their supports but, I opted for 1/2" as the original showed signs of having been bent in use.


I would like to thank JJ Simon for the skull tutorial. The original lacked ornamentation but, this was just perfect for the owner of this one. It was fun to work out how to put one on the end of a flat bar.


Rigor 02.jpg


Rigor 04.jpg


Rigor 08.jpg


Rigor 09.jpg


Rigor 07.jpg


Rigor 05.jpg


Rigor 06.jpg



Edited by B. Norris

“All work is empty save when there is love, for work is love made visible.” Kahlil Gibran

"It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them." - Alfred Adler

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Wow Very Cool Stove and forging work . Well Done !



Robert D. Yates , 13 & On Forge

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That is very cool, and big enough to grill a small child, it seems :lol: . I think that would be at home in just about reenactors camp from the bronze age to the Civil War.



"The worst day smithing is better than the best day working for someone else."


I said that.


If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

- - -G. K. Chesterton


So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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Too cool man I need to make one for camping...

Well done

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