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Ready for Blade- well almost

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Hey guys


Just need sheaths and sharpening and I'm ready for Blade show. Thought I'd post a pic of what's coming with me.


blade group.JPG


Also wanted to show 2 pics of knives I really hope sell there (for different reasons). First is a 5160 hunter with wrought iron guard, deer horn handle, and water buffalo horn buttcap. I really like this one ( a rarity for me to like a knife I make), so I hope someone else wants it. The second one is a simple 1084 cord wrap utility. I want it gone for 2 reasons: 1)The money for it goes to my wife's Autism Speaks team for the Chicago Marathon, & 2) I sliced open a finger on that one making it , so I want it the heck out of my shop!"

rustic hunter.JPG

blue cord.JPG


Thanks for looking, and if you are going to be at Blade, feel free to stop by 21-Q and say HI.


Dave Armour


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Those are nice!!


Why is the second one golden? Is it the lightin or you just left the oxidization on?


Mebbe it's just me, but I get happy when I cut myself on one of my knives; it's nice to know how sharp they are...

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Nice Dave! You've been very productive :)


Did you give that blade a golden shine by tempering it in the oven at 385 degrees for 5 hours?


Ouch, the way you describe it really sound painful. Was it a deep cut?


I wish you a lot of fun at Blade, hope you sell a bunch!

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The gold tone is a trick from lighting/ me still not used to the camera. It's my stardard working finish: 400 grit hand rub folowed by ferric chloride etch. I've left tempering colors on blades before- the look can be dramatic & fun. I used to hate rustic/forge finish/ etched blades, but anymore I make more of them than I do "pretty" (wife's term) blades.


Yeah that cut sucked- bled like a stuck pig so bad it was flushing the super glue out before it would set up & seal the wound. Would have been eaiser if my daughter hadn't seen it & kept freaking out wanting to cal 911 because i was bleeding everywhere. To top it all off it healed too smoothly- the least it could have done is gave me a cool scar after that. :P



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