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Having some issue figuring out what I need for my forge to get better efficiency


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The attached picture is of my propane tank and the torch I have purchased. The system I am running is a forced air (hair dryer) forge. I have tested it out and it seems to work fine, I just want better efficiency so I can work longer. What I would like to know is what do i need as far as regulators go? Do I need a high pressure reg? Or a low pressure reg? I found a webpage from Don Fogg talking about the setup he recommends, using a high pressure reg at the tank and a low pressure reg with a needle valve and shut off close to the forge. Do I really need the low pressure reg? Or is it a preference thing? I'm almost positive that the torch itself is equipped with a needle valve and shut off so i don't need those. Also a general explanation of high vs low pressure as it relates to propane and forging would be nice as well :) (in lay terms, as some of the resources I have checked went over my head)


Any and all help is appreciated!


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just as a bench mark i get about 4-8 hrs of forging out of a 20lb tank just depends on if its all welding, or if im just making a batch of blades.........i have a regulator made for propane with a meter on it so i know what my pressure settings are, its handy. i crank it up to 20 for forge welding, 15 for general purpose clanging and bangin and 5-6 for heat treating. Good Luck.

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With my small 1 burner forge, I can keep it at forging temp for upwards of 15 hours, running it at most 5psi. How is your forge insulated? I would guess that is the issue here, not the fittings. The better insulated it is, the better it will run once it gets up to temp. Having a good refractory inside will help considerably. Once hot, my forge will stay hot enough for the air inside to ignite paper for several hours. Better insulation means higher efficiency.



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What does your forge look like? It's hard to make recommendations with knowing a bit more. You should look at this thread http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=25573. There is a lot of information about forges and burners there.


Except for a very small forge, like a coffee can or two brick forge, most torches are going to be too small to do the job.



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