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Board Upgrade Complete

Guest RadioRob

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Guest RadioRob



The board upgrade is now complete. Unfortunately files attached to posts earlier were not able to be converted correctly over. We have left the old board still viewable for a few days at the following location:




I will be creating a special forum for you to report any issues you might have.


Some Frequently Asked Questions I've seen during switches from Ikonboard to Invision Board...


Why does the time on the board seem majorally off?

You can change your time you can click on "My Controls" and then "Board Settings". You can change the board time to your local time zone.


I am seeing this strange name "Google.com" or "Inktomi" on the Who's Online list! Is that a hacker?

Nope! Invision Board has a built in ability to recognize when search engines are visiting your board and "crawling" it to find content. This will help the search engines find your site and send more people here when they search for content you're discussing on the boards here.


No matter what I do, I can't seem to login. HELP!

There are a few circumstances in which usernames/passwords did not correctly convert over. If you have strange characters in your username or password (such as ASCII codes, special symbols, etc), the converter may have had issues converting your inforamtion. If you still can't login no matter what you try to do, you may e-mail me at robert@webpowerplus.org and include a note that you are trying to access this board and what your username/password and e-mail address should be.


Why am I seeing huge avatars now?

Ikonboard's system for managing avatars is a bit rusty. When it allowed you to upload an avatar, it would take ANY size image and just constrain it's size to the setting specified by the Admins. That means if I uploaded a 1000x1000 avatar, it would have to load that entire huge image and then it would just use the browser to shrink it.


Invision Board makes use of the GD graphics system to create an entirely new thumbnail image of the graphic and have it be the right size. However, it only checks when avatars are actually created, not each time it displays it. Since the avatars were converted over from Ikonboard and the check did not exist at the time, that's why it's showing up as big.


To fix it, all you have to do is just upload your avatar again, or just relink to it again and save the changes. The board should do the rest.


I hope you enjoy the new board.

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