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There used to be a beer seller at the local stadiums. All of the beer guys have their own sales pitch, but this guy would come into a section, stand down front for a moment, and then lift his head and shout in this huge voice "BEEEEEER!!!". I believe that he has gone to that great beer hall in the sky, but in his honor





003 (640x480).jpg


Red Rat's Red Ale


All grain batch

Chinook and Cascade hops

Hallertau dry hop in the secondary


This is my house beer, I'm going to get back in the habit of having some of this available all of the time. Next up, IPA, mmmmmm, hoppy.



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So what's the grain bill like? Curious minds want to know. I will share also.


The beer I have been making most often is:

7.5# Rahr Pale Ale malt

1.5# Victory

.5# Caramel 40

.5# Oat flake


A couple ounces of hops, I am not a big hophead, I have discovered. Sometimes I also add herbs, and less hops, or no hops and all herbs instead.


I usually ferment this with Wyeast 3711 French saison yeast, it can get down as low as 1.004 sometimes, and usually starts out 1.052-1.054. it is dry, and strong.

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Red Rat's ESB


8 lb British Pale malt

1 lb Munich malt

1 lb Crystal 80l

1 lb Flaked barley


1 oz Chinook (60)

1 oz Cascade (30)

1 oz Hallertau (dry hop)


Yeast # 1968 Wyeast English ale


OG 1.052

FG 1.014

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That was Bill the Beerman! He was my friend Jeremiah's uncle (http://www.seattlepi.com/sports/article/Bill-Scott-1949-2007-Beerman-lifted-1232359.php) Aaaaaaannnd I would totally buy one of your red ales from Bill any day (or bum one from you at the house).


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Thanks Geoff,


Now I have to get my Wine station dusted of and make some BEEEEERRRR ! for myself and a few buddies that just seen this . <Grins>



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I may try one of those recipes sometime.

Last weekend I bottled my 3rd batch. I'm still playing with kits but this time I threw some oak chips, lightly charred, into the batch. I'm looking to get something akin to some of the cask ales I had when I visited England.

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Awesome to see you guys flying the real ale flag across the Atlantic! A friend and I tend to just throw in arbitrary numbers of handfuls of ingredients in a kind of voodoo ritual when we make a batch so I'm afraid I can't be as specific as you guys on the recipe, we haven't had a bad batch yet though and have won awards in farming fair competitions!


Mr. Bluegrass, the oak flakes sound like a good idea, we tend to borrow old port or sherry casks, gives it a bit of a kick!

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