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After I posted the pile of hawk heads I've been working on I got several requests for a tutorial. I've been meaning to do one for years now, so last Saturday I took the camera out to the forge and do

Start at the eye. This is because it's the hardest place to get it to stick. It is VERY important not to touch the eye with a hammer from now until you're ready to drift it out at the end.   Flux

The edge is still around 1/4" thick, so now is the time to start shaping the head into its final form.   Since this one has to have a straight lower edge with a notch, I start by forging the notch o

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No, if the weld is going to fail it does it when drifting or when fitting the handle. I also test them by inserting the drift and whacking the side of the anvil before HT. If it survives that it will survive most abuse. I have never had one returned, so that test seems pretty conclusive.

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Wow.  Just WOW!  I'm excited to start a project like this sometime soon.  I've never forge welded that this tutorial was great!  Thank you!

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Alan, each time I read one of your WIPs, I'm even more impressed.  WoW - what a job you did on this project.  We all really appreciate not only your skills, but the time 'n effort you take to share with us mere mortals so we can learn. 


WOW - this is impressive work, the tomahawk but the WIP also.


Ken H> 

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