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Disposable Respirator Suggestion


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Suffering from an annoying bout of pneumonia at the moment. Caused by foolishly welding a zinc/cadmium plated nut to a piece of pipe. Just one, and just a tack weld. And I also foolishly did it inside, with very poor ventilation. I know now I can't hold my breath that long. The previous month of general welding probably didn't help. Anyway, looking for advice on a good affordable (disposable) respirator for use with arc welding.


I've been looking around, and there are many options. I can't afford one of them nice full face or powered respirators, so I'll need something disposable.


Here are a few that I have seen so far:


3M 8515 N95 Particulate Welding Respirator

3M 7500 Series Half/Face respirator with 3M 2097 P100 (HEPA) filters

Moldex Premium Particulate / Welding Respirator - 2315 N99

3M 60926 Multi-Gas/P100 Cartridge


Just have some confusion whilst looking around the interweb. For example the 8515 is good for welding, but then I read that Arc welding produces ozone, which won't be stopped by it. As well as with the Others. Can anyone offer any insight on the subject?


I don't plan on welding any more zinc/cadmium plated anything, but I'm afraid the Flux off my welding rods can cause just as much damage, especially in my weakened state. I have a few now:

the 3M 8210Plus, and 3M 6311 Paint Respirator. Which will be used for general Sanding/Grinding applications. And I have some paint to strip off a pipe. But I believe they offer no protection against the welding fumes.


Also, I tend to weld dirty with 6011 rod, so I'm sure I've been exposed to old burnt paint, probably lead based. Don't totally understand the Oil rating's either on some of those mask's. As in N = no oil, P = some oil ? I mean, I don't usually weld on oil covered parts. But I'm not sure if that is what is meant.


Also, I'm am currently, uhhm, what's the nice way of saying a Poor A** Broke Boy?, so I think the upper limit on any disposable system would be under $100.


Can anyone offer any recommendations?


I'm thinking that the best combo for my work would be the:

3M 7500 Half Face, with the 3M 60926 Multi-Gas/P100 Cartridge.






P.S: Noob's take note: I'm a noob too, and mostly self taught. Hard to get good/trustworthy information if you are by yourself. So please take care and heed any and all safety warnings/procedures. Some of us feel we are tougher than anything, or maybe just plain old invincible. But I guarantee you that it does Not take very much to knock your pecker in the dirt. So if you want to advance past the NooB level, I urge you to exercise basic safety precautions. Lungs are a big one, but don't forget about your eyes or outer Dermis Layer(skin). Or toes, or anybody near by that may not be aware of the dangers of what your work requires, or even your pets. What's bad for us is bad for everybody else too. Hospitals are expensive.


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Skip down to the next section now if you just want a good product model number. I got fed up with sparks bouncing up under my safety glasses when grinding, so I decided to finally just get a full face respirator. I am the metallurgist at a steel foundry, so while I don't weld all day every day, I do have plenty of access to suppliers that were able to walk me through all kinds of options. One thing I really focused on was comfort, because if you don't like wearing it, then you won't wear it and that does you no good. Full face respirators for grinding and such do not fit under welding hoods. This is why they make welding hoods with respirators built into them. If you want a separate respirator you will need a half-mask with low profile particle filters (P100 should be fine as far as I understand it). Paper/cloth "dust masks" are pretty much worthless; do not bother with them. Get a silicone respirator that seals to your face well with changeable filters. The silicone will not degrade as fast as some of the other "gasket" materials used out there. Particulate filters only get worn out when used (pulling air through them). Organic vapor filters will wear out when just exposed to air, so when you are not using them you should store them in a sealed container to extend their life.


I got these:


Full face general use: North 7600-8a (http://www.amazon.com/North-760008A-Silicone-Facepiece-Respirators/dp/B00142BRF0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370064653&sr=8-1&keywords=north+full+face+respirator)

This is very comfortable and does not restrict breathing or vision. Talking is muffled and large earmuffs have a hard time getting around the straps, but only a minor inconvenience to get things adjusted right. It is essentially a half mask built into a sealing face shield, so your mouth and nose are sealed off from the glass; meaning you can't fog it up with breath. I paid $160 for this and do not regret it at all. (Filters cost extra - $5.50 per set of P100)


Half mask for under the welding hood: North 7700-30L (http://www.amazon.com/North-Safety-770030L-Silicone-Respirator/dp/B002NRMGPA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370065728&sr=8-1&keywords=north+7700-30l)

Same half mask as in the full face respirator above. This means my filters are inter-changeable. I paid $20 (plus filters) for this and haven't really used it yet as I am not lucky enough to have much welding to do. It is the same fit at above and takes the same filters, so I cannot imagine this not being a great product.


I got a bunch of P100 filters, but also got some OV filters too (still sealed). In addition to these, I got an adapter that allows the OV and P100 filters to be stacked, providing 100% protection.


If you search the forum for "respirator" there is plenty more good stuff. But for welding purposes I would recommend the half mask with P100 filters. Should be able to get well set up for under $50.


Remember, this is just one guy's opinion.

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Best thing I've ever done for myself was invest in a 3M Airshield Pro respirator... full face shield, battery powered air flow, battery lasts forever, light weight, comfortable, easy to put on since it has no straps, can wear it all the time. Especially awesome if you are a bearded fellow and wear glasses.


Although.. not sure that it is appropriate for fumes coming from a welder. But dust is the real killer (in the long term).

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One of those nice $1000 Respirator's is on my list. Although, it's gonna have to wait for a long while. Will have to see how many projects I can complete. In the meantime, I think I'll go with the

3M 7500 Half Face, with the 3M 60926 Multi-Gas/P100 Cartridge and probably the 3M 7093 P100 (HEPA) filter for less extreme conditions.

The 3M 2097 P100 (HEPA) seems to work like the 7093, except that it is soft with no plastic case.


Reasonable in price, and will provide some protection, along with better ventilation (in the shop), and hopefully I can get back to welding and finish my long list of projects. I intend to use these

for arc welding, grinding, and belt sanding primarily. Which I have a long list of.


I don't mean to advertise for 3M, and I don't work for them. Just trying to decide on the best product that will get me back to work. I plan on buying these online, unless I can find a local source. Just hope the Large one is a good fit.


Appreciate the info from All.



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