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600 layer Shobu zukuri Katana with full koshirae

matt venier

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Here is a katana that I got finished up right before going down to Blade


600 layers of W2 and 1075 with a pretty crazy hamon

28.5" nagasa 1.38" wide shobu zukuri ( iris shape with no demarcated tip)


Alder wood core for the tsuka and saya

rayskin wrap with tiny multistrand braided wrap over that on the handle

antique menuki

modern made copper fuchi and kashira patinated dark grey

Wrought iron mokko shaped tsuba made by myself


The saya has imbedded rayskin stripes that I black lacquered then sanded the tops then cleared about a million times to make it flat










I wish I could take better pictures because this one has a whole lot going on that you can't see.

This one sold at Blade which I was not expecting so I'm going through a little bit of separation anxiety

Let me know what you guys think



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Whoa!!! :blink::ph34r::blink::o


You outdid yourself with that one, Matt. I understand the mixed feelings about selling it so soon too, I like to live with 'em a while and get to know them before they leave for new homes. B)

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WOW!!! That is so pretty Matt!!






Mark Green


I have a way? Is that better then a plan?

(cptn. Mal)

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that is simply awesome I don't even know what to say.

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love that combo of steel for hamons. you did an outstanding job with it, and with everything else. That is cool.


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James Helm - Helm Enterprises, Forging Division


Come see me at the Blade Show! Table 26R.


Proud to be a Neo-Tribal Metalsmith scavenging the wreckage of civilization.


My blog dedicated to the metalwork I make and sell: http://helmforge.blogspot.com/

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QUESTION... what did you use for clear coat, and what was the lacquer you used?

“Fire and air, earth and water, were once considered the four elemental substances of our world. Among the ancients only the blacksmith worked with all four.” - From The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex W. Bealer

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WOW! That's beautiful and scary all at the same time, it looks terrifying :blink:

That geometry kills B)


Great combination of steel too, a question for you guys.

Am I on the right track in thinking that the part of the pattern that has the long white wispy Hamon is the W2 and the layers with the sharper transition is the 1075 because of the difference in Manganese content and the results on hardenability?


It looks awesome and is thought provoking too.


Thanks for sharing! :D

Marius A. Bacher


"To learn and not think over what you have learned is perfectly useless. To think without having learned is dangerous." - Gore Vidal

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Me personally I think it's the other way around, W2 while getting great detail in the hamon has a pretty thin habuchi where I think the lower carbon of the 1075 lets the hamon be a little more frosty. I don't know the approved Japanese sword terminology for "frosty" :):):)

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Beautiful, it's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us. I had to go back and take a second look, .......nice.

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