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Okay, there is a JS I am hoping to get lessons from, and a while back I visited his shop. He said to start out one of the first things I should get is a grinder (of course), and he said I should try to go for a disc sander, as they are considerably cheaper than a belt grinder, and can do a variety of things. So, I've saved up about $300 or so, and I'm trying to find a good one online. Any advice or tips? Help with brands would be awesome as well, as in which ones are good but inexpensive, or which brands to stay away from. Any help at all would be awesome.






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My advice is to take a look at the disc grinders sold by Beumont Metal Works (manufacturer of the KMG grinder.) Yes, I know that it is out of the price range you mentioned. The aphorism "You get what you pay for" applies here. I think you could probably buy the "vertical disk grinder motor plate" and the "9 inch aluminum flat face disk" and source your motor elsewhere, with the intention of upgrading the motor later. That would at least get you in the game and with a tool you know will last.


I have a Shop Fox 1HP 12" disc grinder that I bought because it was on sale for $200. I had to take it to the motor shop and they replaced the switch this past year for $60. It works, and construction is nice and robust but, it cannot reverse direction of rotation (important if you want to grind blades on it and have both sides come out the same) and no speed control. Long run, I can see having to replace the motor with a higher quality than the cheap Chinese one that it came with and, at that point, I can see issues with compatibility of motor mounts etc. I could, I suppose, at that time add a VFD and gain the ability to control the speed and direction of rotation.



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i use a shopsmith 12 inch disk and a motor with a 5/8 shaft for my disk sander and only use it for flatening things as it is way more acurite than a platen




grinder is home built

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Check out this guy




And Pheer


I don't use one myself, but it's on my list.



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