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Hydrolic press

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Hello all.

I've been so inspired by arctic fire that I thought I'd give it ago.


I'm presently getting my workshop together and was wondering if I could have your advice about this hydrolic press http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/240v-Electric-Hydraulic-Workshop-Press-Circa-4-Ton-Suit-Model-Engineer-/370829242800


Do you think it would be suitable for making damascus etc?


Best wishes,



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Welcome on this forum.

I think you will find a lot of answers to your questions if you search trough the threads and topics about hydraulic presses. The one you show in your link is really not adapted to forging or anything related to hot work.

The speed must be quite important and 4 tons are not enough to move material.

the range between 15 and 25 tons works fine.

But speed is the most important.


Plenty of info and even blueprints can be found on the web for such power tools.


Good luck



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Looks like it would be too light. My first press was a logsplitter i converted to a press ,it actually worked ok but the gas engine made alot of noise,it got converted back when i made another one from JAMES BATSONS design.JB

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How well do you understand hydraulic's and the power contained within them? If you know how these can kill you fine. If not it may be worth contacting Don Fogg through his web site to but a copy of Battson's "build your own hydraulic forging press". Huge amounts of info of how to make two designs of press's. Cost about £20 a while ago with postage etc to the UK. Its US centric on suppliers but the build and design info transfers to the UK.

You may struggle to get a reasonable press using single phase. Three phase shouldn't be a problem.

This might be a better press then the one you were looking at. But you would need to check the speed and pressure to see if it would work.

If you havn't made much Damascus already then looking at a large flypress may be cheaper and safer.


As with ebay these can go cheap depending on location. Size 6 or larger are usually recommended.


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