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Need an expert opinion a series japanese sword

MAtthew Boston

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the wife returned not to long ago from japan. she was there for 8 months teaching English to a family. well when she returned she brought a pile of books for me. And im currently on the last book which has no translation. And I found a series of swords in it that have never seen its style. im looking to get more info on the design of the hilt. or are they shrine swords or something that has never crossed my mind.

Pics are labels with numbers

Pic1, I think its a modern concealed sword or is it a military sword? Also what kind of tang style is that on the blade

Pic 2 and 3 are these temple swords or shrine swords? im just at a loss for them

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Did you attach the pics I can't see on my android??

The blacksmith and the artist reflect it in their art.

They forge their creativity,closer to the heart.

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this style of straight blade is a kind of early precursor to the katana as we know it, called chokuto. they were made in the kofun and heian periods (~300-900 a.d. or so). the mounts in the first picture, with the ring pommel, appear to be patterned after extant antiques.


most chokuto had acute angle kissaki (like we see on americanized tanto), while yours are more rounded.


you can see some examples in kazan sato's "the japanese sword."


wikipedia has a page with some pictures too:




the examples that you posted however seem to be more modern remakes... several smiths through the years have made utsushi-mono of chokuto blades.

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I'm no expert, but could they be something equivalent to mythopoetic/fantasy blades ? I can't find any really like number one or number three through google images, but number 2 looks a bit like a 6th century blade, only in far better condition. To me the blades and fittings look crisp and new, and there's a great deal of artistic license taken, from what I could find of old, straight swords.

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Pic 2 and l/3 : Remake, of a very ancient, likely Royal, sword. Looks to be Edo. Could have been donated to a shrine. The smith's names are on the pic pages for 2 and 3. I will look it up later.

3 right side, is a Ken. A two edged short sword. This was very likely a shrine sword, as all may have been.


1. Looks to me, to be a cane sword. In the Chokuto style, or just made straight to be a cane sword. To me, the mountings look Edo, or later.



Mark Green


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