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seax class at the guilford arts center

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I am teaching a class on forging and hilting of Seaxs June 29-30th


Every Viking warrior had one. the Saxons are named for them. The Sax or Seax is a knife designed for utility, carried all over Europe for century's, the varying forms used for every task imaginable , carried by Frankish farmers and Viking warriors alike, Seax's out lasted any other knife design. In this fun two day class students will learn about the varying sizes and shapes of the seax from the small broken back seax's of the British isles to the large sword hilted Scramaseax or Langseaxs of the viking warrior. Students can expect to forge grind, heat treat and polish a seax blade from 1084 high carbon steel and then make a wooden grip with copper accents to finish the seax. -

Adult Workshop
Jun 29-30, 2013 Meets 10:00 AM-4:00 PM on Sun Sat
Instructor: Parkinson, Matt Medium: Blacksmithing Level: open to all levels

Tuition: $170.00 Member Tuition: $153.00 Additional Fees: $15.00



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