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Axe head with pick.

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here is my latest axe head.

blade edge is 9" and its 17" edge to point.

I want to handle it a little shorter than a dane axe possibly 40 to 50 inches?

The head is 3lb 13oz. and the pick ends with a robust tip the squared section is sharp cornered for 6 inches or so , there are now little peeled back square holes in my metal table tops and other likely targets.

it is surprising that a 4 lb axe can feel elegant when you are used to hammers and sledges.



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Oh, now that's deadly-looking!


We must see a pic of it handled with you in your apron and bowler beside a steel drum ripped to shreds now... B)

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thanks all.

this axe was an experiment in forging from a new material source . I have a big band saw now and can cut bits of large round . so this was a 3/4" slice of 6" round . I wanted to make a big axe that would defeat armour (from a historical context of course) a "can opener" if you will.

I allowed the shape to flow the only things being definite were the prominent ears and the pick, I made a smaller war hammer head recently and loved it, this flowed from that shape. the axe part just happned.

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Wonderful! Even though this is not based on a historical design, it does remind me of a description of Turlogh O'Brian's axe from a story by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan.

I always had a difficult time imagining just what a "Dalcaissian axe" looked like even though the description is pretty detailed. The only thing missing on this would be a top spike.

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