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Suggestions for sites to see in the UK

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Hey guys, I've got a trip to the UK coming up here pretty soon and I thought I'd drop by and ask for suggestions on things that are a must see.

I'll be in the Dundee area and heading to London towards the end of the trip.

Any recommendations?

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I asked a friend who is from the UK, and this is what she said: It was called The Hairy Growler and that was in England, but I think it was more into jewellery and silversmithery than bladework. I was particularly interested in an antique sliver fork bracelet/cuff they had made.


She says it's in Cambridge.

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When you get to London a must see is Windsor Castle for a very fine collection of weapons and the like. The castle is not in London but about half an hour away in Windsor, down the M4 motorway. On your journey from Dundee, if you are driving, it would pay to have a stop over and see Warwick Castle. Also Sutton Hoo in Suffolk near Woodbridge is well worth a visit. I found it to be quite a mysterious place, the type of place that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you know its history and what was found there. The tour of the mounds is a must. There is a thread on here somewhere with photos from when I visited the place.


Found the thread, http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17725&hl=%2Bsutton+%2Bhoo



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Depends on your interests and time available :) In terms of swords, in London the Wallace collection, British Museum, Tower of London and Museum of London are very much worth seeing. But when you're in London anyway, it does pay to also visit the Museum of Natural History and the Science Museum. Those all together can keep you busy for quite a few weeks.

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These are (sort of) on the way:

Edinburgh Castle

Don't miss Hadrian's Wall http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/housesteads-roman-fort-hadrians-wall/

York - walk the town walls and see the cathedral, the Viking Museum

Fountains Abbey near York - the prettiest ruins in the UK

Stratford on Avon


Tower of London


These aren't on the way, but well worth a visit if you have time:



Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury (be sure to drink the magic water)

Roman Baths at Bath

hoist a pint at the Eagle and Child Pub (Oxford - Tolkein's hangout)

Canterbury Cathedral

Dover Castle and the white cliffs


That's a real hard week of driving and sightseeing, the Brits are nice folks and most of them speak English. You might still need an interpreter, however.


Enjoy your trip!

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Hope to enjoy it, thanks for all the suggestions. Nothing really in stone yet so I'll definitely write these down and try to see some of them, a few were things I was already wanting to see but others I'd not considered or knew about.

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Depending on interest. here are some other collections that are worth seeing.

A visit to Glasgow museums for there arms & armour collection is worth seeing. Kelvingrove also in Glasgow has some nice medieval art and some a&a.

Royal armouries in Leeds is worth seeing would take at LEAST half a day if you like a&a. http://www.royalarmouries.org/what-we-do

Mary rose museum has recently opened in Portsmouth http://www.maryrose.org/your-visit/

IF you like artillery then a visit to the outskirts of Portsmouth in one of the late 19th century forts is Fort Nelson, part of the Royal Armouries.

Cambridge has the Fitzwilliam collection with a reasonable a&a collection.

Oxford has the Ashmolean museum not much a&a on display but great art etc there.


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all good advice.

I love the Pitt-Rivers museum a place of dreams or nightmares...

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