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Good News/Bad News Wakizashi - folded steel

Walter Sorrells

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Here's the exciting news. I actually mounted a blade for the first time in ages. The bad news? Well, uh...it's not this one. So, once again, here's another bunch of shots of an unmounted blade. Sorry guys. But I promise you I'll show the mounted blade as soon as the lacquer dries and I can get it buffed out.


Anyhoo, that said, I really liked how the blade shape worked out on this one. The difference between a mediocre blade shape and decent one is often really, really subtle and it's always frustrating as hell to get to the end of a project, look at the final product and go: "Huh. It seemed a lot better when I was making it." So I'm relieved this one worked out the way I imagined it. Parenthetically, sometimes because of a camera lens distortion effect known as "barrel distortion" the geometry of the blade as you see it in real life is also subtly different from the way it looks in the photo. That's sort of the case here, though I think the picture is pretty much close enough for rock and roll.


The blade length is a hair over 12 inches and the total length is around 16 1/2, fairly slim and light. It's forged from the same billet of 1000 layer 1050/1095 as the tanto I showed on here a couple of weeks ago.


high layer tanto-wak-5 small.jpg

high layer tanto-wak-1 small.jpg

high layer tanto-wak-2 small.jpg

Check out Walter's instructional videos:

Forging Japanese Style Blades

Making Hamons

Japanese Sword Mounting


Making Japanese Sword Fittings

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Awesome, Walter. Preachin' to the choir here. I keep promising myself that the next one is going to get full mounts, instead of just a shira saya. Same with the geometry and aesthetics. These things are hard to get really right.



Dan Pfanenstiel

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the subtle grain is great to look at. I like to just stare at blades with an active hamon and hada. I have spent the last year essentially trying to get better at mounting blades, and still have some more to go. Looking forward to seeing the one you have mounted.


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Very beautiful. It need hadori. :)

Mark Green


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(cptn. Mal)

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