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Spalted Oak and San Mai

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This one really took me by surprise.
I saw this piece of Oak on Chuck Bybee's place and grabbed it - and I am glad I did!
Every step of the way in all directions around this handle the material continually changes to something else.
It's Oak.
Just oak.
But it is one of the nicest pieces of handle material I've put on a knife bar none.
The San Mai is 1095 and 420, and the take-down guard is hot-blued mild steel - from the junk yard. :eek:
I've also tossed in a picture of the blade before I etched it to illustrate how the San Mai jacket - when you nail the heat just right ;) - acts a bit like clay to influence some hamon activity.
Hope you enjoy this:




Edited by Karl B. Andersen
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Thanks for the advice, Ric. I ALWAYS!! give you credit in any San Mai discussion. :D


Your work is all you...I see none of me in it....wish I did as it is a good looking item.

I learned the welding of stainless to carbon steel from Daryl Meier many a year ago. I would think he is pleased about its increasing use, but I have not spoken to him about that.


It shows depth of character for YOU to give credit for the knife (at least in part) to the raw character of the WOOD....it is said a poor craftsman blames his tools.....I say a wise craftsman praises his raw material.



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