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Identify Origin of This Dagger?

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My family has this one letter opener that they got from my grandparents (who live in France). I really don't know much about it, except that the hand guard, grip, and pommel seem to be somethingsilver coated copper, as it has been worn away a bit to reveal the copper underneath. The grip appears to be ivory and ebony inlaid with silver, but I have really no experience with ivory or ebony. I Do think it is handmade, as there is a slight crack on the front of the hand guard through which I can see a small portion of the tang, which is unevenly placed in relation to the blade. Any information that you can give me at all would be nice. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg Oh, also the dagger, being used as a letter opener, has been dropped point first into a ceramic container many times, and there seems to be no resulting damage to the tip.

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If you haven't run into this site before, you might find some useful stuff there. To my eye it looks Mexican, but it might be Spanish tourist stuff. It has something in common with plug bayonets, IMHO. Like this one .



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Looks like something from the Canary Islands.

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