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Can Chrome Moly steel be used in damascus billets?

Rex Pepper

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Hi There.


I have been been given some sheets of steel from a place that used to make high performance downhill mountain bikes. They used it for bracing components and brackets. The sheet has AMS 6345A ISG U147 stamped on it.


I looked it up on google and the composition is 0.95 Cr 0.20 Mo (0.28 - 0.33 C)


The sheets are about 2mm and 4mm thick and i was hoping to use it with some 15N20 bandsaw blade material.


Cheers Rex



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it would be really hard to forge weld the chromium, it really doesn't like to weld, not sure if it's even possible to weld it, outside of completely melting it

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What your looking at is basically 4130. Probably be great as the spine in a san mai tough stuff but doesnt get too hard about 50 rc with minimal tempering. From a billet composition stand point if you get it welded up it will be bright, and not contrast well with the 15n20. A standard 10XX would work better as it would be dark and contrast better. Never forgewelded with this but have with 4140 which is basically the same thing with slightly more carbon. Works well in a can, or flux the hell out of it. You have to keep the oxygen away from it or it will never stick. If you keep it clean and away from the atmoshere (flux early) 4140 actually forge welds nice to itself. good luck

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