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I get the idea for my system from this video




so i find this unit




and i use this old freezer motor as a vacuum pump




with a big 5 lt jar...


I use polyurethane base oil because here in Greece i can't find special tung oils..


I have very good results


some wild olive wood scales





and my system at work


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Unless I was going to stabilize wood on a regular basis, it's best just to send it out. If you really want to do it yourself, there's a product known as Cactus Juice that's rather new on the market. Do an online search for it and you may find the seller who carries it and the pressure vessels and air pumps that you will need.



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I never tried to do it myself, but I've had wood stabilized by Woodlab and was thrilled with it.

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Cactus Juice does work but you will need a vacuum chamber and a pump, if your going to do multiple pieces it would be worth the investment. Pentacryl needs no special equipment and works similar to Cactus Juice, it does takes a little longer to work since your just soaking the pieces. I'm not promoting it, just a satisfied customer, I have done multiple pieces of spalted Maple with great results.

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