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Japanese Sword Apprenticeship  

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Japanese Sword Events featuring Fusataro,

a Kanefusa family style Japanese master sword smith

We will be creating a variety of Japanese sword events and opportunities for the North American public to interact with Fusataro, a 25th generation Kanefusa sword smith from Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Fusataro, will be coming to the United States and Canada for the months of September, October and November of 2013 for a variety of events ranging from presentations, courses and demonstrations.

Please take a look at our Events Calendar for full detail, location and registration.


If you would like to invite Fusataro to an event of your own or schedule an interview, please contact us to discuss.


For more information about Fusataro:


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Hi All,


I just wanted to add my own two cents here, as I'm one of the artists who will be hosting Fusataro san. He'll be here at my workshop in Wilmot, New Hampshire this coming October. I know that several of you are local to the New England area, and I also know that I don't need to point out how rare it is to have the opportunity to take in a demonstration like this.


If you're at all interested, this would be very well worth your time.




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