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2 Punchullu's with glass breaker and Rosewood scales


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Hi All,


Here we have to of my Punchullu’s with pistol grips and
glass breaker/skull crusher end.

Made from Aldo’s 3/16th 1095 and hardened and
tempered to a Rockwell 59-60. Both the blades as well as the chiseled ends are
extremely sharp. The scales on both are rosewood the darker is Honduran the
lighter is Tiete. The pins are 3/16 brass. The forth picture down comes closest
to showing the color of the woods and even that does not do it justice. Both
are extremely comfortable and solid in the hand they just plain feel good to
hold. The ergonomics worked out very well. Both can be held point up or point
down and the sheaths will accommodate this.


The lighter of the two (Tiete) is 4.5 inches long from
chisel tip to top end and meant to be held with one finger on top or 2 fingers
if held point up. The darker of the two is a little longer at 5 inches and
meant to be held with two fingers on top. The pictures do better than I can at
explaining how to hold them. Both come
with Kydex belt sheaths.

Price with sheath and shipping to the lower 48 is $85 each
or both for $160. Paypal works best.


Thanks for looking, Ken




















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