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Searle's Bowie

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This is one of my newer knives: my version of the Searles Bowie. Blade is O1, differentially heat treated and hand polished to a satin finish, 9" long and almost 2" wide. The grip is ebony, with early-style flat checkering and nickle-silver pins. To go with it, I created a period leather and nickle silver sheath with frog.

I'm very proud of this, and consider it to be my best work, so far.

The price is $400 US, plus shipping.


I'll be posting some more goodies in the near future....gotta pay for my trip to Burning Man!

Searles 001.JPG

Searles 002.JPG

Searles 003.JPG

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Nicely done good looking blade, handle and the sheath also .



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Thanks, Alan. I've had kind of a rough stretch this year, and am just getting back into the field. Got really discouraged after two expensive, high-profile shows that were unmitigated disasters. It's hard when customers look at your work, "OOOH" and "AAAH" over it, but don't buy anything! Praise doesn't get you to Burning Man!

But I'm back...and off to the Burn in a couple of weeks!

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