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Been awhilwe! :)

Lots of non related knife stuff got me away from the forge...


Here's the bloom I did during a public demo I did last week. Like all public demos, I did not keep track very well of the process. I had help from a good friend who also did not note much of the smelt.

I was quite nervous about this one as I did a lot of knew thigs. new construction, new charcoal, new tuyere.

Having talked and seen Lee Sauder at Caniron IX was of great help, this guy is a smelting poet.

Fast and "easy" smelt. Mybe 4 hours actual smelting.

I used the usual hematite (enough new thing!!).


The true revelation is the copper tuyere. Really, it is worth soo much more than the metal you pay! It is amazing!

Not only it will last a long time, but as it does not melt, it leaves the interior of the furnace clean clean clean!

That also means no slag to speak of; the ore is already very clean.

Very high carbon bloom.



Classic built, fun with the kids! :D

The tuyere angle might have been a tad to much, so was the height.


lapinambourg 059.jpg


lapinambourg 081.jpg


I brought the bloom right under the hammer. initial compaction went really well. The bloom broke clean in two parts, one solid the other more loose and "fluffy"


lapinambourg 095.jpg


lapinambourg 101.jpg


Hot, poking at the loose part. One heat on the more solid piece.


lapinambourg 118.jpg


Cold. First compaction on the front.




¸The copper tuyer got nice coulors the day after. Impeccable!




I picked a good quantity of iron sand and bog ore (found some Lee!). Those are next.





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Nice bloom and furnace! Did you attempt to drain any slag at all or did you not expect any? Sooner or later I will have to build a furnace like that..I am a bit stuck, working with the metal shell only..ready for a bit of variety.



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Thank you Jan,


I did try without much hope. The hematite (of this quality, sandblast grit) naturally does not produce much slag.

They are very fun, albeit a little tedious, to built, very organic.

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Good to see you back in the saddle, Antoine. Your tuyere angle and height along with the use of the highly purified sandblast grit as ore is likely the reason you have a high carbon result and little amount of slag.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with the metal.

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Antoine, what brand of sandblast media are you using? I've been looking, and I can't find any sources for straight iron oxide media, only aluminum oxide with up to 30% FeO. I know that's enough for a decent yield, but it would also produce copious slag, which yours apparently is not doing. Always on the lookout for another ore source!

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Alan, for once I got lucky. I got it from those guys half an hour from my place:


Bellemare mineraux


Of course it's in Québec, far from you.... shipping is always possible, but probably extremely expensive :(

They were actually happy to sell me some, it seems it is not a very popular sandblast media in the area.

I have the chemical composition somewhere in may emails, could find it if you want.

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