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Small Dagger w Sheath Rosewood scales Concealed Carry


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Hi All,

I had a small piece of O-1 so I made a small dagger out of it. Mirror finish with Rosewood scales and two 1/8 inch brass pins. This knife and the sheath that comes with it are meant to be worn in the small of your back. I keep mine on the strong-arm side of the back center belt loop. It could also be worn in a cross draw configuration. When worn behind the back it is almost impossible to see. The sheath protrudes only about ½ inch below your belt the rest is covered by the belt its self. I have been wearing mine for a week now and know one has seen it yet. This is a real nice way to carry a full tang knife and not be real obvious about it. Works well as a holdout or last ditch knife if you follow.

Price including sheath delivered to the lower 48. $85.00

Metal: O-1 to a Rockwell 60, tempered twice.

Overall length: 5 7/8 inches

Blade length: Tip to scale is 2 ¾ inches

Blade width: ¾ inch

Scales: Rosewood with two 1/8 inch pins

Widest part of the scales: 1 inch and about ½ inch thick. Very comfortable in the hand.

Sharpened on both edges to a hair popping sharp.

Let the pictures speak for them selves










Thanks for looking; your comments are always welcome.


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Apparently there is too much looking going on...

No pics, just bandwidth exceeded notices from photobucket...


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