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420 SS/Damascus San Mai

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Don't ever ask me to get something done in a hurry - OK?
It was either 4 years ago or 5 - I'm just not sure.
Brian Thie and I were watching Bill Wiggins and Daniel Warren do a San Mai demo at the Mid-America ABS hammer-in.
I looked at Brian and he looked at me and we simultaneously said, "Wonder what that would look like with Damascus?" :rolleyes:
So - all this time later, I finally get around to doing one.
It's a really over-cast and cloudy day here, today, but normally a bit of sun would showcase the really nice chatoyance this Damascus has.
I am going to hot-blue it, like I do with all my Damascus, and it will show up even better then.
But, I just got this etched and thought I'd toss it out here for folks to see.





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This is absolutely stunning I look forward to seeing this finished . Masterfully done K.B.



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