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Some of my latest pieces

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I can't remember what I have and haven't shown here.


I bought a wood lathe so i'm now turning handles for some of my tools where I can.


The Goosewing hatchet (gosling...get it?) was me trying new ways to make an axe with dramatically different dimensions/proportions.

The eye was made as a separate piece and the welded onto the bit which is a laminate of en9 (1060ish) and mild steel.


its form is based on various clog-makers axes from France and the centrals European broad axe






The fore, had its own thread a while ago in hot work I think showing the Asymmetric wrap used to form the eye,


ive since turned a Handle/Helve/Haft (not sure which is correct with a froe...) from the rippled ash stock pile ive got.


its quite pretty I think, but will improve with seventy year of serious use. this timber polishes so well with the hand.




and heres a little draw knife with turned ash handles that again will be really lovely after a decade or so




the other big development for me lately is that I now have my old style touch mark that im putting on anything that'll stay still long enough. I shared this before, but it has taken a long time to come and im quite fond of it.



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Thanks everyone,


Alan, this ash came from my grandfather who had it for at least 50 years before giving it to me... it is definitely seasoned and as hard as any timber id ever like to meet.


ive got a few old tools hammers etc where the haft has received that "glow" from use and theyre my favourite tools to use.


the drawknife was made for someone who never picked it up... so its mine now! It was intended for bow making and im finding it usefull for making hafts and prepping timber for the lathe.


another underrated tool really, very versatile.


thanks again!

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