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After seeing this I absolutely must forge another integral.... but then, you make it look easy. Impressive work, I am particularly fond of the hand-rubbed finish and the overall cleanness of it.

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thank you all for posting, I`m glad you like the knife!



the butt-plate closes the hole of the rear screwing.

it is glued in with a ´retension´ for a better fixing in the glue.



I really like the look it gives..thanks,


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I must say Wieland you never disappoint. Each knife you post is so well finished and thought out. I'm with Rob on the butt-plate. It really rounds out the knife. But on top of the knife itself the presentation is very well done as well. Do you do all the photography yourself. It looks very professional. As do the rest of the photos of your work on you site.

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clean. very clean. I know how hard it is to get something relatively simple to look so clean. impressive.


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