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My first sword in the making

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So I have a sword i'm starting and its my first. I wanted to go with a water dragon or elvish like themes or both mixed but here it is.




blade : 19 6/8'

tang :7 5/8'

overall 27 3/8'


steel 5160


pics 1 sword cut out 2, drawing out tang 3, straightening 4, bevels

more when i get the chance as always feedback welcomed and greatly looked forward to.




My Sword (2).jpg

Shawn working.jpg

My Sword (5).jpg

forging buddy 005.jpg

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Glad you think so i'm also going to do some etching on the blade. However i don't know the design yet plus ill be doing the guard and pommel in brass as i have not worked with it before can anybody give me some pointers? Also i am thinking of etching something waterdragon like on both sides of the blade any ideas guys.

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So here it is mostly file down and out little more work to be done. I also plan on etching it to look like an actual dragons tooth.

ART 025.jpg

ART 026.jpg

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