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Don't you just hate it.....

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I'll admit that I'm a very slow builder of things. This last knife I've been working on has been in the works for over a year because I keep changing the design (which I blame partially on all the great works being displayed here!) or get sidetracked with something else.


Anyhow, I screwed up the wrought iron pommel when I didn't realize until near the end that the 'grain' was going in the wrong direction. No big deal, though, as the pommel is rather quick to grind out.


Putting that mess aside, I start working on the guard, making sure the 'grain' is going in the right direction. After getting it done, I drop it into the acid bath for a nice etch and promptly forget about it. An hour later, I run over to the jug and pull it out...... ugh!


Not only does this wrought iron not have any neat character, but I ate it away to the point that it looks kind of nasty. Not nasty in a good way. Not nasty in that rugged, aged, relic sort of way. Just plain nasty!


So.... time to start all over.


What else can go wrong? :rolleyes:

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Seriously, asking that question is just begging the Problem Gods to throw some gremlins in your heat treat furnace, or tweak the tracking on your belt grinder

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Know the feeling but never ever ask that question in the shop- it's just begging for the weirdest, most comically bizarre problem to pop up.

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