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willow bowie

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Hey folks-


Haven't posted in awhile- really just got back into my shop last month. I'm beginning to think Blade show is cursed for me-every time I go something happens to the house that I end up spending the next few months dealing with. Anyway this one is done minus sharpening & sheath. 1084 bowie in what I call a "willow" shape. I'm not really sure what it's really called, it just reminds me of a willow leaf for some reason. Stabilized Para Kingwood handle with a copper pin & guard. The guard I did differently for me- no stock removal whatsoever- rough forged to shape, hot cut it off, hammered out any sharp edges, and punched the guard slot. 8 1/2" blade & 14 1/4" overall. I'm thinking about keeping this one (it's rare I actually like a knife I've made), so I may make a companion sheath to the one I'm making my wife: black leather with red stingray & black lace panels.



Thanks for looking. Hope you like it.


Dave Armour

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