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Flash: Knifemaker finishes a knife!

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The crowd goes wild!


Working on the Honor Blade project has energized me to get my butt in gear and actually make some stuff, rather than dither about the details.


First up a rustic whittler/chore knife.


OL 7 3/4"

BL 3.5"

Steel end cut 1080/15n20

Handle dyed elk tine, dyed mountain ash

NS and copper


I'm thinking that a braided thong might finish the piece off.


IMG_9343 (640x427).jpg


IMG_9345 (640x427).jpg


Second, an integral Persian sort of thing


OL 11 1/4"

BL 7"

Steel 1080/15n20 random

Handle Mastodon bark, red fiber liners

NS pins


IMG_9332 (640x427).jpg


IMG_9312 (640x427).jpg


IMG_9315 (640x427).jpg


IMG_9320 (640x427).jpg


The ivory bark I bought for a project that never came off, the Damascus was a bar I intended to use as a core for something bigger, but forged up one day instead. There is the other half on the bench right now that should be good when it's done.


So there you go, it IS possible for me to finish stuff. I just need a boot to the behind.




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Awesome work Brother Geoff good to see you back in the saddle again forging and making Beautiful knives. Now can I have my boot back my foot is getting cold <Grins>



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What is this "finish" thing of which you speak? :D


Seriously, both look cool.

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Great work Geoff..that second knife really appeals to me...I can't explain it but when I look at it I get a funny familiar forgotten feeling...I really like it ..great pattern too.

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I have to confess, I cheated on the pins <hangs head>. I was afraid that I would crack the ivory, so I put in three hidden pins and then peened 4 short pins and placed them in the holes. I'm pleased that you noticed though. I also thought it looked like a Kard, though without the reinforced tip.



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