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disabled vet looking for some help


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I've been trying to make a couple tomahawks for my son and I and I'm having marginal success. I tried making a drift out of a 10" long by 1 1/8" diam bar and it's just too short and the angle is too steep, the top to flairing out.


I was wondering if anyone out there has a mandrel/drift that they never use that they would be willing to sell at an incredible deal, I can only work a couple hours a day before the pain gets to me so I really cannot justify $35 + shipping to buy a new one.


Also I’ve making them with the wrap around the mandrel method and would like to try making a hawk from a sold bar but don’t have any high carbon steel large enough if anyone has a 1” to say 1 ½” diam bar big enough to pound out a hawk, let me know.


I'm not looking for charity but if someone has the drift that’s just sitting I’ll
put it to use, Thanks for any help



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cheap as could be


Edited to see, you are looking for cheaper.35$ is a GREAT INVESTMENT, even if you make 2 hawks a year. A proper mandrel like this makes it so you can literally drop a made handle into it, couple tap and its tight. The amount of time, which you say is limited, it will save you will make a mere 35$ worth it. NO R&D trying to make your own (which owuld take hours) and no fitting or shaping of a handle to fit right.


Its not really a drift either, more of a mandrel, you wrap before welding then weld, then slip it in and final fit the hole, not drive it all the way through.

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I can set you up with a piece of 1" (ish, it might be a bit bigger) 5160 round, or I have some 1" square 1080 I could let you have a piece of. Let me know.



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I can not thank all of you enought, I've got what I need and then some. The help and support I've gotten from the good people on this site is unreal. I"ll be posting pic and extra thank yous as I get to hammering.


Thanks again


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