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First Knife! Mid-sized clip point hunter! Trackrock Hammer-In 2013 WIP(?)


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Awesome, thanks guys. I'll run down to HD and get me some Tru-Oil.

Just to keep myself on track, here's a pic of the mock up w/ guard (suuuper rough).


I'm going to have to start over on the finger guard. If you've seen the first posts on this thread you'll see that the tang aint exactly pretty or made correctly. So the Tang is squared up near the shoulders and this being my first time drilling out the hole (it can't even be called a slot) for the tang to find into the guard....it's really bad with about a millimeter on each side of clearance. I'd like to try it again and make it cleaner and fit better.

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if it's steel you can heat it up and pinch it back together to some degree.

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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. - Albert Einstien

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