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John Page

And the winners are...!

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The moment you have all been waiting for.......

(Here's how it works for those of you who have not done one of these before. The first name I draw receives the second name, second receives the third...last receives the first. It is up to the maker to ship it to the recipient, so please be proactive and PM the person receiving your work to get their address.)


1. James Spurgeon receives Kip Kaiser

2. Kip Kaiser receives Ron Hoy

3. Ron Hoy receives Dylan Holderman

4. Dylan Holderman receives Pieter-Paul Derks

5. Pieter-Paul Derks receives Luke Sorensen

6. Luke Sorensen receives Rob Toneguzzo

7. Rob Toneguzzo receives Kevin Hopkins

8. Kevin Hopkins receives Matthew Parkinson

9. Matthew Parkinson receives Nate Bocker

10. Nate Bocker receives John Ellis

11. John Ellis receives George Ezell

12. George Ezell receives Caleb Harris

13. Caleb Harris receives James Spurgeon


Below are a few photos for your enjoyment! Great job gentlemen, I wish I could have been on that list, but there is always next time B)







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Well That worked out well! Thanks guys lets do it again next year!

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