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First Knife in a Long While


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Greetings All,


Not a frequent poster here. Just finished making up a knife. Been a while since I've made anything, so I had the hankering.


Made this to spare my pocket knife some abuse while working.


Made from some unknown Spring steel. Forged it out in about 2 hours, spent the next day grinding.

Was supposed to be a Kiridashi shaped tool, but came out a little bit bigger then I originally imagined. About 9.25" Overall length.


Had to re-heat treat as I over tempered the first time and it came out soft. See what happens when you don't give your projects the necessary time... I tempered with my forge as opposed to giving it the necessary time in the toaster oven. Second time around I used a thick piece of steel to rest the spine against to draw the temper colors.


Went with just an edge quench the second time around.


Drew the spine to a good blue, and the Edge is in the light to dark brown range. Has a good edge on it, but may still be a bit soft. Will have to give it a good testing.









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Looks like it'd be a great camp tool. Nice.





"He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest." Dylan Thomas

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