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the sabertooth- to eat and to be eaten (sort of WIP and the finished knife)

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hello together,

in summer 2012 a good customer offered to me an ebony-grip with a fantastically carved sabertooth-skull at the rear.



whether I´d like to create a free designed knife for him???
of course I wanted-
and had no plan, what to do....but at least a lot of time for brainstorming: deadline was summer 2013.
finally I got the idea to combine the hunter with his aggressive teeth and the game, a herbivorous animal-
the whole thing packed into a halfintegralknife.

a roughly finished blade (thought for another project) matched the grip and its lines perfectly:


then came the ´3D-forming-stage´:


and finally the ´knifemaking-stage´.
for an old dental engineer it was a new experience to carve the skull out of the massive material.
but I wanted to do it ´the hard way´ and not by wax-modelling and casting:





the pictures of the finished knife come in the next post!

see you later!


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hi again, now the pictures of the finished knife.

some specs:
W1 forged
bronze carved
ebony-grip with (not by me) carved skull
length 37cm
sharp 18cm
thickness 4,5-2,5mm
leathersheath with frog, sorry… skull

thanks for looking!















in post #24 you can see the ´evolution´of the carving.

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That is unbelievable....fantastic...I am never disappointed when I see you have posted and this is no exception...though it is truly exceptional...great one.



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That is awesome beyond words.


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Everything about that one just fascinates me! I can't pick one thing I like more than the rest. Beautiful work.

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I love your style and craftsmanship, and I'm always amazed with your work, thank you for sharing it with us.

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this one is a real triumph. lot of great carving, and it is not over-the-top, but just right.


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I am at a loss for words! Breathtaking design and incorporation of the customer's handle! I think that was the best possible thing he could have done, giving you the freedom over the design. Outstanding work!



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just WOW. I have been a fan of your work for some time, I love the lines you impart on your knife and your use of texture. This piece blows away everything I have seen from you just an whole different level of work just amazing.


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wow, such an echo-

the skull-carving effort was a success...!

thank you all for posting!!


@phil ullrich,

yep, it is done mostly with the dremel.

I made the patina with an oxidating-fluid from a jewellery/goldsmith-supplier.



each evolution runs in steps...so here also:


after many hours of carving I thought:

OK, it´s done, stop here!

>> fotos taken and relaxed!





two days later after a closer look:

NO, to abstract and with the look of a blind chicken...

>>> back to the bench and the dremel!


after more hours of carving:

OK, NOW it is ok!

>>>> let´s take fotos and send it to the customer:





on the phone:

customer: ´looks pretty nice, but it is not yet complete, or..!?´

I: `what!?...why??´

customer: ´and where is your stamp??`

I: `....oh sh---! totally forgotten!

I can´t stamp the blade, the butt is full... then he´ll get a ´deeper´ tattoo to the rear of his head!


>>>>> a second time back to the bench,

NOW it is really finished-

-and I`m a lucky guy, ´cause the fragile carved butt survived the whole procedure without a damage.. hugh!





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