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Large EDC Tactical


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Hi this is a beautiful full tang Tactical/Fighter forged out of Aldo's 52100. It is 1/4" at the thickest and gentle tapers with the distal taper. The blade overall length is 10" with a 6" blade and 4" handle. The wood is an exotic hardwood called bocote that has been hand polished, oiled and sealed. It has two 1/8" brass pins and has epoxied to hold everything together permanently. The blade has been differentially heat treated using Master Smith Ed Fowlers method. It has been 4x normalized, 3x hardened, and finally tempered 3x for 2 hours each time. Between each step it has been placed in the freezer overnight. Ed Fowler states this will add a few extra points of Rc hardness. This knife is extremely sharp and easily shaves hair and whatever else you throw at it! (within reason of course!) I first saw this design when I was learning to forge at Bronk's knife work's a few year ago and finally got around to making it. I made it with extremely hard use in mind. This is a very tough, sharp knife that was made to cut and take abuse. (Although you should never abuse a knife! :D ) With proper care this knife will last you a life time and more. On the ricasso it has my maker mark of the letter "H". It comes with a handmade sheath. This would be a great knife for a soldier or hunter! Asking price is $200 shipped. PM me if interested though. PayPal preferred but I accept money orders as well. Thank you for looking!




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